2002    Winning the yearly Safety Award issued by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
(As recognition of the efforts to promote safety and to show that being an example function contributes to general safety).

2005    Initiator and operator of an environmental management system basedon the aid of e-noses.
(An early warning system to detect quick and early soil pollution/contamination).

2008    Initiator and operator of the first Kerosine Vapour Processing System [KVPS].
(An innovative system to reduce VOC emissions combined with a solution to solve an Occupational Health issue of tank lorry drivers).

2009    Achieved with all staff a 10-year result of zero Lost Time Injuries (0 LTI).
(Equals to 5,000,000 worked hours without a LTI).  

2009    Founder and Chairman of the Amsterdam Mutual Aid System [AMAS].
(A Joint Partnership of Oil Companies and Storagetank Terminals in the Western Port Area of Amsterdam and Schiphol Airport to cope with large scale tankfires relating to their business activities).

2010    During 15 years chairman of either Regional or National Advisory Counsils for the Process Industry.
(Joint Partnership of Process Industry companies, Education/Learning Institutions and vocational national Process Institute).

2012    Reaches with the entire company level 4 out of 5 on the HRO [High Reliability Organization] scale.
(According to the Hearts and Minds methodology we have reached a provable level 4 (Pro-Active) of the Hudson ladder).

2013    Founder and first Chairman of Platform Industriële Incidentbestrijding [in short PII, i.e. Platform Industrial Incident Management].
(As a result of the implementation and succes of AMAS together with the cooperation with AYMA [a Public Private Partnership with local and regional authorities] a nation wide interest developes to join this Public Private Initiative).

2013    Introduction of the use of hydrantcarts for aircraft refuelling.
(Initiator and projectmanager to introduce an effective, more environmental friendly and more efficient way of aircraft refuelling at Schiphol airport).

2014    Some years of an Excellent rating determined by auditors based on the results of audits carried out by representatives of Joint Inspection Group [JIG] of the aircraft fuel storage and fuel hydrant system on the Dutch national airport Schiphol.